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Landscaping Gravel

Local Gravel Supplier in El Paso. Great for Construction and Landscaping Projects.

Landscaping Rocks

Create a dreamscape project with decorative and accent rocks from CompanyName.

Landscaping Trees

Trees are great for the environment. We supply contractors and the public with trees.

Trees for your landscape

Shade Trees El Paso.

Proper Planning

Trees add depth and character to a landscape. Trees are also great for the environment and add shade to sunny El Paso. Before you start landscaping, you must first develop a tree plan. There are many things that you must consider before you begin construction on a new house. Plan on how your trees are going to be irrigated, where they are going to be positioned, the amount of sun your trees will get versus the sun tolerance of the specific trees, and where you would like the shade to fall as well as where the shade will be in different hours of the day.

Trees in El Paso. Find 24" Trees in wooden boxes ready to plant.

There are many kinds of trees.

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for trees is the type of tree.  Consider things like maximum width and height, water needs, special features you want, and maintenance.

  • We sell Palm Trees
  • We sell Evergreen Trees
  • We sell Shade Trees
  • Drought Tolerant Trees
  • We sell Fruit Trees
  • And Many More

Palm Trees

Palm Trees in El Paso.

If you are looking for palm Tree...

We carry a lot of palm trees on hand. If you are in the market for palm trees come by our store and see our selection of healthy, quality, palms.

Landscaping Trees In El Paso